K2 Final report of Sesame school.

Đăng ngày: 07:45 10-07-2010

It did not take time for sesame to adapt into the new school environment with the class routines and activities. Actually, he showed his love of school at the first time when he said: “i like to study in this school very much”
With a little English vocabulary, it not difficult for him to understand and communicate with his friends and teachers in English.
In the learning time, he usually shows his English knowledge by naming the words that he knows already loudly and confidently. However, we are not happy with his attitude he laughs at his friends if they read or answer the questions wrongly.
Sesame can count from 1 to 30 fluently and he does the addition sum within 10 very well. Sometime, he is still careless and inattentive in his work as he wants to quickly finish his work to play with the toys.
As a curious boy, he usually has lots of questions to ask his teachers, which shows clearly at the story time. When the teachers are reading the book, Sesame not only listens attentively but also puts his hand up if he needs to know more about the stories. Although, he cannot understand all the stories yet, we are very pleased with his concentration and curiosity.
Watching TV appeals to him greatly. When the watches TV with his friends, he usually explains the content of the film to them enthusiastically and clearly. He is also very kind to share his new disc with his friends, and he says happily and eagerly:”this disc is mine. It is very interesting” “i give it to you, Ms Ngan”.
We believe that with his talent and positive attitude, Sesame will continue to achieve well in Grade 1 next year

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